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each one of them had carried out what he had said. When they did not find the Marys, they were very much afraid and sought them. And following the tracks they came to the height of Qal-Hasay. Now the Marys had placed their lamp over the cave in which they were, for them, that they
might see them. Then when the monks saw the lamp they went over toward them ; and they stayed together. Mary of Beriri and Mary of Dabre-Sma were sisters. But afterwards they separated from that place : Mary of Berlrl stayed at the place with her priest. And her priest used to burn incense for her every day about two gabata's. ! ) But afterWards making the incense less every day, he [finally] made it for her as little as one keffalo. 2 ) Then she grew angry with her priest ; and [once] at the time of the offering, when he entered her house in order to burn incense, she said to the mat that served as a curtain: "Turn to stone and close me up." And the mat was turned to stone, and it closed the entrance of the house of Mary. And after she had shut up the priest, his voice was heard for fourty days; but after that he died. And of the place of the door of the house of Mary the outlines are to be seen until the present day. And in this way, they say, Mary of Berlrl keeps her house closed until now. - - And Mary of Dabre-Sma abode in a large cave, and she is there up to this day. Now there is a convent ; and many monks have made their abode there (Figs. 4 and 5). And at the time of her festival many Moslemss and Christians make the pilgrimage to her.

1) One gtibata equals about 18 kilograms.

2) One kejfalo equals about '/ 2 kilogram.