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itbkeyi um Usman

wo Hazieko msl Usman gl'mber

geb'et dbyie le'dnya sefelal

'itHzeni 'tbkeyi 'um Usman:

'itHzeni 'tbkeyi 'um Afan:

asteshhada 'gl ardetu:

fanus Hayet hala dib afyatu

amEl susay wrar:'ttkse Usman

fars bielowu

fars biela ke'asQera

rguz Ala 'itsaTrotat Hareba

kebeteya 'tbsetu:

Telget abay zebTetu wo Hazieko ...

ganka lskeb wo Usman merbatka

abSaHkuwa finaka

'itHzeni 'tbkeyi:

teHabeni bielkuwa gl 'mka

fars Ala beAl mrwet:

wese'alkuha sQretka

'itHzeni 'tbkeyi 'um Usman

'itHzeni 'tbkeyi 'um Afan

asteshhada gl ardetu:

fanus Hayat hala dib abyatu wo Hazieko....

geb'et dbyie: l'adunya sefelal

I want to live with Osman

This world has become lonely for me

Please don't agonize & cry mother of Osman

Don't agonize and cry mother of Afan

He was martyred for his land

A torch is now lighted is his house

On the day of the 6th offensive

They called him a hero.

Hero he hailed

The hero was hit and fought in forests

He took it in his forehead

The enemy bullet which hit him

Oh Osman! have peace your're avenged

I have taken your message

Do not agonize and do not cry, and

Be proud " I said to your mother

He was a hero and a man of generosity

And I told her your hailing

Do not agonize;do not cry Um Osman

Do not agonize;do not cry Um Afan

He was martyred for his land

A torch is now lighted in his house